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For your annual £25 subscription you will enjoy an amazing range of benefits, not least of which is the support and camaraderie of your fellow members. We welcome writers at all levels of experience and skill. Just come along with your enthusiasm!

Your membership of Tyne and Esk Writers gives you:

  • Periodic access to our creative writing fellow (CWF) who will critique your work both in your writing group and also one-to-one as required
  • Critical and constructive feedback from members
  • Free workshops run by the CWF
  • The possibility of having your work published through the Tyne and Esk publications scheme, plus a mentoring scheme if your work is accepted for publication
  • The chance to apply for a small sum of money (around £200) to help you to publish your work through the publications scheme
  • Book launch support
  • The chance to read and have your work published in our quarterly magazine for Tyne and Esk writers, Scrivens
  • Open mic sessions at events such as the Lennoxlove Book Festival as well as in-house events which are run by the groups
  • Inter – district friendship
  • This website to keep you up to date with what’s going on at Tyne and Esk, such as writing opportunities, free workshops, competitions, awards and social events. Each writing group has its own page to tell people about the group’s activities and membership. The web site can also promote the publications and the work of Tyne and Esk Writers
  • Access to the Scottish Poetry Library in Edinburgh
  • And last but not least… INSPIRATION!