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Scrivens Summer 2021

23rd July 2021

New Scrivens Summer 2021 edition out now!

Are We In A Book? Anthology by Tyne & Esk members and former Creative Writing Fellows

24th January 2021

Are We In A Book?


In 2019 an Anthology was published by Black Agnes Press, including work from Tyne & Esk members LesleyMay Miller, Tammy Swift-Adams, Cynthia Stephens, Elspeth Brown, Frances Rollinson, Ruth Gilchrist and former Creative Writing Fellows Russell Jones and Catherine Simpson.


The publishers worked with the children of Dunbar Primary School to produce tales from their hearts about how it feels to be ten years old and trying not to cry when they fail to score at football.


Inside the cheery red covers, you’ll meet Fatso the Skeleton, the Cat who ate balloons and the Girl who can talk to birds. In addition, there are magic spaces where children can write their very own story or poem.


£5 will get you a collection of funny, exciting and touching writing; a great big £3 of that will go to Barnardo’s Scotland, who protect, support and nurture Scotland’s most vulnerable children.


The Missing by Neil McGowan

24th January 2021

The Missing


In May 2020, Neil McGowan from our Port Seton group, held a zoom launch of his book The Missing. You can buy it from Amazon The Missing eBook: McGowan, Neil: Kindle Store – and remember if you sign up to Amazon’s Smile account you can opt for a small amount to be donated to Tyne and Esk funds.


The Castilians by Victoria Masters

24th January 2021

The Castilians by Victoria Masters


On 30th November (St Andrew’s Day), Victoria Masters from the Penicuik group had a facebook book launch for ‘The Castilians’, historical fiction based on the siege of St Andrews Castle. The event was hosted by Margaret Skea and included Dr Bess Rhodes from St Andrews University.


Her Holiness the Pope – and other stories by George Campbell Cunningham

24th January 2021

Her Holiness the Pope – and other stories by George Campbell Cunningham


George Campbell Cunningham’s 17 short stories are an eclectic mix. They aim to amuse, provoke thought, and sometimes be controversial.  From seeing great events through the eyes of those who were there to antics in a Government press office that brings central London grinding to a halt.  And he asks the question, is a flat cap a bunnet or a hat?


£5 + £1.50 p&p: To order your signed copy send your details to


George is a member of the Musselburgh Writing Group.


2021 – Keeping our fingers crossed for improvement

24th January 2021

2021 – Keeping our fingers crossed for improvement

Despite the ongoing restrictions, across Midlothian and East Lothian, writers continue to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, and our members are as creative as ever. The continued high level of Coronavirus infections means we are still unable to meet in our usual locations, and our alternative arrangements remain in place with a variety of ways in which people share their enthusiasm and their work.


Please get in touch with your local rep to find out what’s going on in your area, and bear in mind that virtual meetings offer some additional flexibility so you can join in with any group if their meeting dates, times and methods suit you – you no longer have to travel to get there!


We will resume with our usual groups whenever we can, but in the meantime why not have a look at our most recent edition of Scrivens which showcases the winning entries from our 2020 Writer of the Year Competition.


Scrivens Winter 2020-2021

24th January 2021

New Scrivens Winter 2021 edition out now!

Writer of the Year 2020

16th November 2020

We had another great response to our annual Writer of the Year Competition. 53 pieces were entered this year: 29 of fiction, and 24 of poetry. The competition was judged by Claire Askew and we thank her for all her hard work in this task. Calre said: “Judging the contest was a difficult – though deeply enjoyable – task. The overall standard of entries was very high, and I was reminded of the wealth of talent that Tyne & Esk Writers has always fostered.”

You can see the list of winners on the Writer of the Year Page.


Writer of the Year Competition: WOTY 2020 Winners…


Read all the winning entries in our special edition of Scrivens.



1st – Lorna Dixon “On the Beach”

2nd – George Cunningham “The Battle O’ the Bunnet”

3rd – Billy Graham “Grains of Truth”

Highly Commended – Julia Graves “A Difficult Daughter”

Highly Commended – Moira Cormack “Leaving”



1st – Stella Hervey Birrell “I am Radical Self Care”

2nd – Mary Johnston “Tulip”

3rd – MIke Davenport “Japanese Garden”

Highly Commended – Jock Stein “Listen to the Wind”

Highly Commended – Jeff Kemp “Time-Space Continuum”

Committee Minutes – October 2020

16th November 2020

Present: Stella Hervey Birrell, Maureen Burns, Ruth Campbell, Liz Clark, George Cunningham, Mike Davenport, Lorna Dixon, Jeff Kemp, Julia Graves, Isabella Hesler, Irene Holligan, Mary Johnston, Graham Leake, Neil McGowan, Roy Moller, Jackie Muller, Jane Patmore (Convener), Philippa Ramsden, Katherine Ritchie, Jock Stein, Diana Stevens, Sheila Thacker, Brenda Thomson

Apologies:  Billy Graham

Convener’s Report:

Following positive feedback we had agreed to reappoint Margaret Skea as CWF. Unfortunately, this was overtaken by Covid19 and our inability to have group meetings in the usual way. We have postponed the appointment of a CWF in the meantime. Winter workshops were cancelled and we were unsuccessful in our bid for Scottish Book Trust funding to take one on line.

Over the past months some groups have continued to meet virtually, or to share work by email among members. However, for some members this is challenging. Coronavirus, and the restrictions it imposes, raises 3 points for consideration:

  • How do we maximise our use of technology and share our expertise, so as many people as possible can participate in a virtual way?
  • How can we best continue to include members who find technology challenging?
  • Can we use this time as an opportunity to publicise what we do and extend our membership to others in our communities who might benefit?

We also continue to research funding opportunities, and have recently had optimistic news about the co-op community fund.

The Constitution has been updated to reflect that we no longer get support through the Library Service, and the Committee is also exploring how to become a SCIO.

The Convener thanked office holders and the CWF for their support during this challenging year.

Treasurer and Membership Secretary’s Report:

Current balance is £7,575. Tyne & Esk Writers has been nominated as one of three charities to be eligible for Co-op Local Community Fund in the year Oct 20 to Oct 21.

At 31/3/20 there were 78 members, but for this year only 45 membership forms had been received. The subscription fee has been waived because of Covid19, but forms are still required – they can be found on the website, though payment still has to be made to the Treasurer rather than through the website. Group reps. are asked to ensure that everyone returns a form, although those who continue to pay by standing order can assume their membership will be counted. The Committee will consider the process for completing membership forms and paying subscriptions for future years.

The accounts had been agreed by the Committee as Trustees, but were shown to those present by screen share. In answer to questions, Diana said that our insurance does give some indemnity cover, but that a move to being a SCIO would improve this, and that while the Committee could consider changing banks to an interest-bearing account, interest rates were low and several banks had ceased offering this for Charities.

Reappointment of Office-bearers:

Convener: Jane Patmore – proposed Jock Stein, seconded Graham Leitch

Vice-convener: Neil McGowan, proposed Brenda Thomson, seconded Maureen Burns

Treasurer: Diana Stevens, proposed Brenda Thomson, seconded Liz Clark.

Scrivens:  George Cunningham was reappointed.

Port Seton Motion:  Jackie Muller, shared the experiences of the Port Seton Group. She shared how Zoom and other platforms had proved extremely helpful, and that during the period when lockdown was relaxed a blended approach had worked well. She referenced the 2014 members’ survey which had underlined the importance of social connection. It was proposed that Tyne and Esk should facilitate the use of Zoom by having a paid for account, accessible to all groups. The Committee agreed to look at this. The Committee also agreed that minutes, accounts and constitution would be available on the website.

To be considered by the Committee:

1  Membership Forms and possible Payment on line through the website

2  Changing banks for an interest-bearing account.

3  Proposal from the Port Seton Group for a central Zoom account.

The Committee and Convener were warmly thanked, and the meeting closed about 8.20pm.


The AGM was followed by the annual Writer of the Year Award, with 2020 judge Claire Askew.

Committee Minutes – October 2019

16th November 2020

Present: 21 members, Tom Murray (Writer of the Year judge) and Margaret Skea (Creative Writing Fellow)

Apologies: G. Leake, R. Davison, L. Dixon and H. Faoilean.

Welcome and appointment of Minute Secretary: (Brenda Thomson)

Previous Minutes: Taken as read.

Convener’s Report:

Thanks to the generosity of a member who wishes to remain anonymous, Tyne and Esk Writers is in a position to continue with a Creative Writing Fellow. The monies to pay for this are being spread over a 2 year period, with a reduction in hours per week from 17 to 10. Margaret Skea, a well-published writer, started this month as the Creative Writing Fellow. Margaret was welcomed.

Three Winter Writers’ Workshops took place. Russell Jones served as our Creative Writing Fellow  last year and  he was thanked for his work with us.

A new Festival went into its second year at Newbattle Abbey. Tyne and Esk was represented by Rebecca McKinney, whom we thank for her work on this.

Emma Patmore took over from Tim Mackenzie as our webmaster. They were both thanked.

As Rod Kelly was unable to continue as treasurer, Roy Moller took over the post for a short time. As he is unable to continue as treasurer, Diana Stevens has taken on the role. (The accounts were available for inspection. They have already been approved by the Committee.)

A desk and PA system were made by Graeme Leake some time ago. The desk is currently in Graeme Leake’s home and the PA system is stored in Jock Stein’s garage.

David Purdie, a long-standing member of Tyne and Esk Writers, died recently.

Thanks were given to Hannah Faoilean, one of our members, and to Jackie Stevens at Library Services for their support in running the Writer of the Year competition.

After being the Convener for two years Jock Stein stood down from the post. He is to be succeeded by Jane Patmore. Jock was thanked for all of his work by Brenda Thomson and by Jane Patmore.

Vice Convener’s Report:

Two of the winter workshops were well attended. The third workshop, which had to be postponed earlier, was less well attended.

A bid is being made to the Scottish Book Trust this year.

Fundraising will continue.


Treasurer’s Report:

£11 470 is the current balance in our account. There are 56 paid-up members.

Scriven’s Report: While blander in presentation, it is fit for purpose. George Cunningham will continue in post.

Appointment of Office-Bearers:

Convener  – Jane Patmore (proposed by Jock Stein and seconded by Stella Birrell)

Vice Convener –  Neil McGowan (proposed by Jock Stein and seconded by Julia Graves)

Treasurer – Diana Stevens (proposed by Jock Stein and seconded by Jane Patmore)

The meeting closed with an invitation for refreshments prior to the Writer of the Year competition’s awards ceremony.

(Brenda Thomson)