Welcome to the Dalkeith  Writing Group Page.

Here you will find posts and articles specifically for Dalkeith.  For historic information, please refer to the archives on the right.

dalkeith‘Dalkeith has a friendly group of writers with a broad range of types of writing in progress. However, no experience is necessary, and those who come to the meeting with nothing to read out still play an active and welcome part in the critiques and lively discussions.


Our members’ interests include poetry, short story and novel writing , writing for children, drama and humour. There are no limitations. Two members have recently launched their first novels.’


Location: Dalkeith library (Entrance is by library rear door from the car park behind the Arts Centre)
Day: Wednesdays, fortnightly
Time: 7.00 to 9.00pm
Dates of meetings in 2017:

January                 4*     18
February               1*     15
March                    1*     15        29
April                      1       2          26
May                       10     24
June                      7       21
July                       5       19
August                  2       16        30
September           13     27
October                11     25
November            8      22
December            6       20

* Catherine Simpson, the Creative Writing Fellow will be present.

The co-ordinator of the group is Graham Leake who can be contacted at: