Welcome to the Poetry Group Page.

Here you will find posts and articles specifically for Poetry.  For historic information, please refer to the archives on the right.


The Poetry Group meets in the Star
Room of the John Gray Centre in Haddington (the Library), at 2pm.

Tuesday Nov 2nd
Monday Dec 6th
Monday Jan 17th
Monday Feb 14th and thereafter on the second Monday of every month

All are welcome, from beginners to experienced poets – if you want to know more, phone Jock Stein at 01620 824896. Those coming usually bring a poem they have written to share with the group, but people are welcome regardless.


The Poetry group is co-ordinated by Jock Stein who can be contacted as follows:

Email: jstein@handselpress.org.uk
Snail mail:
Jock Stein
35 Dunbar Rd
EH41 3PJ
Phone Number: (0)1620 824896