Publications Support


publication-support-schemeThe purpose of the scheme is to promote the publication of members’ creative writing. It gives financial support in the form of a short term loan aimed at getting members into print. These notes should be read in conjunction with the general information supplied with the application form.


The editorial team would expect the author/s to have brought the work, as near as possible, to its final form. This will involve drafting and redrafting. It is always helpful to get advice from outside readers before an application is made. Help from peers and authors who have been previously published are particularly useful.


Although the editorial team does not expect to see the final product at the time of application, a rigorous screening of technical aspects; spelling, grammar, the use of language, format and layout should have taken place.


In the case of lengthy pieces of writing such as plays or novellas, a sample of the content (the first and last chapter say) and a synopsis of the plot would be sufficient to make an assessment.


There will be suggestions made by the editors which in some cases may seem nit–picking and negative but responses are always given in a pro-active way that enables improvement to be made. Unfortunately it is sometimes necessary to put a red pen through some of the writing with ‘See me’ beside. In some cases an experienced fellow member will be attached to the author as mentor. Someone who can help steer the project through. The editorial process is two way, with scripts often flying back and forth many times, leading toward a final copy that is the best that can be achieved.


Editors, and the general reader come to that, are always looking for exciting new ideas and ways of expression. Local history, culture, biography seen in a new light, for instance, might well be favoured over more conventional approaches.


In an anthology, where there may be many contributors, organisers might consider imposing a word limit. Poetry should also be considered.


Plenty of time should be given to a well thought out progressive plan leading toward completion of the final product; including a marketing strategy designed to maximise sales. Estimates for production and printing must be submitted. Any loan from Tyne & Esk should be seen as a pump-primer. It is unlikely to cover the full cost of production.


Alan Gay – Publication Support Coordinator

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