surveySurvey of Members 2014

A large number of you completed our survey in April 2014 and gave us your views on Tyne & Esk Writers. We were heartened by the findings from this survey and
by the varied and positive comments that our members volunteered.


Thanks to all who contributed their thoughts and opinions.


We asked for the views of Tyne & Esk Writers from all our 99 members and were impressed with the substantial 30% of members who responded. Not only did we find out what you think about T&E – and that is invaluable for supporting grant and funding applications – but we learned an enormous amount about what it means to you personally to be a member of Tyne & Esk Writers.


Here now is a summary of what the survey respondents told us.

Age and gender profile
90% of the respondents were over 45, and 10% were between 31 and 45.
61% were female, 39% male.


50% have been a member for 1-5 years, and 50% for more than 5 years.


Developing writing skills
87% said membership has been important in developing their writing skills.


Confidence as a writer
84% said being a member has been effective in developing their confidence as a writer.


Impact on your writing
97% said they were more motivated to write
87% said feedback from the Creative Writing Fellow had strengthened their work
84% said the writing group gave them creative inspiration and ideas
84% said they felt more confident in sharing their work with an audience
71% said feedback from others in their group had made their work stronger
61% said they felt the quality of their writing had improved
55% said they had tried new styles of writing
39% said they felt it was possible to publish their work
30% had actually published their work


Other impacts from Tyne and Esk Writers membership
77% said they had met new people and made friends
77% said they felt others in the group were interested in them as a person
77% said they had learned about things going on in the community
64% said attending the group was an important aspect of their social life
45% said they had used their writing to explore and share their feelings
45% said membership had given them motivation to learn new skills
32% said they felt more confident generally