Committee Minutes – June 2017

Minutes of Committee Meeting held in Lasswade Library 2 p.m. Monday, 19th  June, 2017

1. Present: George Cunningham (Convener and Musselburgh) in the Chair,  Jane Patmore (Succeeding Rep. at Musselburgh), Jock Stein (Vice Convener and Poetry Group) Brenda Thomson (Dunbar), Eric Platten (Penicuik), Mary Johnston (Dalkeith).
Apologies : Annabel Cavaroli (Midlothian Libraries), Trina Gavan (East Lothian Libraries), Diana Stevens (Treasurer), Lorna Dixon (North Berwick), Billy Graham (Haddington), Graham Leake (Dalkeith). Jane Patmore, George Cunningham’s successor to the Musselburgh group, was introduced and
2. Minutes of the previous meeting: These were adopted.
3. Matters arising from minutes not covered below: None.
4. Convener’s report:
There is not a lot to report since the last meeting. Our third Writers’ Winter Workshop took place on 25 March with the poet Gerry Cambridge. It was well-attended and as Gerry is also something of a virtuoso on the mouth-organ, we closed the session with a short rendition of well-known tunes. All workshop leaders were thanked as well as the Scottish Book Trust, for whom we must be grateful for funding assistance, abreast of each event. Activity has gone on behind the scenes to identify names to be put forward at the AGM for the posts of Convener and Vice-convener and George thinks we are there.

However, the post of Treasurer remains a problem. We must remember that being a charity and therefore eligible to apply to a wide range of organisations for funding, that we must keep our accounts to meet the standards set by the Office of the Scottish Charities Register. Failure to do so adequately may in future close several doors for us.
George had hoped to come here today with some good news about our latest application for funding. However, it is still working its way through the system – but he should receive an indication next week if our bid to
Creative Scotland for £9,000 has been successful. He wishes to record all our thanks to Rebecca McKinney and Yvonne Dalziel for the enormous amount of work they both put into this application. He is not going to speculate on the outcome – He is not even keeping his fingers crossed. This is the last group representatives meeting of the 2016–17 year and our AGM will take place on Monday 11 September starting at 7 pm in Dalkeith Library – although that must be confirmed – followed by the 2017 WOTY awards.
5. Vice Convener’s report:Book sales at an event at Haddington library, which involved selling copies of Alan Gay’s pamphlet and our anthology, still have to be passed on to the treasurer.
6a. Treasurer’s report:The Tyne and Esk Annual Report was agreed. It was agreed that while a CWF could not be appointed unless the organisation received further funding we could continue to run the 3 winter workshops
which are always popular. George would ask Annabel Cavaroli if T& E could charge attendees or ask them to make contributions towards the costs – e.g. £3.
It was suggested that Tom Murray should be invited to run a workshop.
7. Fund Raising Situation and Report: If we are successful in acquiring the grant for which we have applied, Jock Stein will invite Marjorie Loft Gill to have a discussion with Brenda, Graham L. and himself with a view to
appointing her as a CWF as she has indicated an interest. (Graham will need to be asked to do this.) If we are unsuccessful John MacMillan, the Provost, could be approached for funding.
We will continue to run the 3 winter workshops. We will give consideration to:
1) some of our own writers facilitating some of the group meetings if groups wish that;
2) sharing work between groups.
8. WOTY Update: All of the entry forms will be sent to the entrants in the next few days. George will ask Annabel about us using either Dalketh Arts Centre or Dalkeith Library for the AGM and the WOTY celebration.
9. Succession Planning:George will be retiring as Convener and Diana as Treasurer. Reluctantly, Jock will take on the role of Convener for one year, but one condition of this is that we must have a new treasurer. Jock would be willing to mentor the work of a new treasurer if they wished some support. No-one has offered to take on the role of treasurer. The reps should encourage candidates from their groups to come forward. Some younger candidates would be very welcome. The committee could choose to meet in the evenings or on Saturdays if that encouraged others to join it. George will send out a note to the reps. to this effect.
10. Scrivens: There appears to be a communication problem between Cheryl Smith’s computer and that of Tim Mackenzie because Tim does not receive copies of Scrivens from Cheryl. Jock is currently sending copies to Tim. Discussion arose about whether or not Scrivens should come out three times a year or four times a year.
11. Group Feedback:

Musselburgh: 9 – 10 attend regularly which accords with the paid-up members.
Poetry: The attendance was good in March and April, but has been lower recently. At the last meeting the group discussed the possibility of there being an evening poetry group in a library or in a pub in another town. It was thought that Dalkeith might be a suitable place or Staggs Bar in Musselburgh.
Dunbar: 8-10 people are attending on a regular basis.
Dalkeith: 8-10 people have been attending, although, in the summer, the numbers are lower.
It is encouraging that some young people are attending Penicuik: Six renewed their membership. Eric advertises in the Town Cryer.
Penicuik Writers, Pentland Writers and the Penicuik Arts Association are working together to present Penfest in September. Eric and Catherine Simpson have been on the local radio.
11. AOCB: George should mention the possibility of a new poetry group being set up when he next sends out a circular. George needs to make it clear that T & E can only continue if officers come forward to take on the roles on the committee.
12. Date of the Next Meeting:The meeting will be held either at the John Gray Centre or in Jock’s home on the 28th August. George will see if the John Gray Centre is available.

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