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press-releaseCountry writers produce an Anthology of their own work.

A group of part-time writers from East and Midlothian – the youngest is just 16 – have had their work published in a new anthology. All are members of Tyne and Esk Writers which has eight groups across the two counties.  Teenager Luke Townsley, whose boyhood-based story is included in the 159-page anthology, is already delighting his colleagues in the Haddington group with extracts from a gritty urban graphic novel he is writing.


Sheila Thacker who leads the Penicuik group has contributed a hilarious tale concerning the death of the story narrator’s sister in Greece, her burial and exhumation for a second burial and the farcical events which took place between the two.


Stella Hervey Birrell, a Dalkeith group member, wrote one of several poems in the anthology and has recently published her debut novel, while Keith Saunders from the Dunbar group provided a fascinating tale based on a north Wales grandfather and his secret activities in the old wash- house.


The anthology was edited by poet and writer Claire Askew who has just completed her year-long contract as Tyne and Esk Creative Writing Fellow and 58 members had their work included.


Said Claire: “The vast majority of the writers here have already presented their work to their writing group peers, and have had the opportunity to rework and polish that piece for inclusion in the anthology,”


She added:  “This book showcases some of the very best poetry and fiction from all of the eight Tyne and Esk groups and illustrates the rich variety of voices working within our organisation.”


The Tyne and Esk Writing organisation welcomes anyone over 16 who is interested in working with words.  They usually meet every two weeks and the main objective is review each other’s work and to stimulate ideas and encourage new writers.  One group specialises in poetry.  No experience is required – just a love of words.


The anthology, priced £6 is available at Kesley’s bopokshop in Haddington of from Tyne and Esk members.


IN THE FRAME – Claire Askew with (left) Sheila Thacker (seated) and Stella Hervey Birrell.  Right Luke Townsley (seated) and Keith Saunders.

Further information from:
George Cunningham, T&E convener – tel: 0131 653 3190.

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