Creative Writing Fellow – 2017-18

CREATIVE WRITING FELLOW, Autumn 2017 ‘Half-Time’ Appointment

Spreading an appointment half-time over six months, the first 3 months will be as follows – it includes a bias for political/financial reasons towards Haddington and Musselburgh, without short-changing other groups.

Haddington Poets Oct 3 2pm
Haddington Writers Oct 10 7pm
Dunbar Writers Oct 19 7.30pm
Musselburgh Writers Oct 24 7pm

Haddington Poets Nov 7 2pm
Dalkeith Writers Nov 8 7pm
North Berwick Writers Nov 21 7pm
Musselburgh Writers Nov 21 7pm

Penicuik Writers Dec 7 7pm
Port Seton Writers Dec 13 7pm
Musselburgh Poets ? Dec 14 7pm
Haddington Writers Dec 19 7pm


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