Minutes of the AGM, held on Zoom on 25th October 2021

Present:  Jane Patmore (convener), Yvonne Dalziel, Mike Davenport, Lorna Dixon, Margaret Evans, Graham Leake, Alison Low, Neil McGowan, Jock Stein, Cynthia Stevens, Diana Stevens, Sheila Thacker, Brenda Thomson, Martin White

Apologies: Hannah Faoilean, Billy Graham

Minutes of AGM held on 26th October 2020 were approved (Jock Stein and Graham Leake).

1  Convener’s Report  

It had been a challenging year, with nearly all groups meeting on line rather than face to face, which inevitably left out some members, so a decline in membership is unsurprising. There is a return to ‘normal’, however a blended option may be necessary in future. We let the appointment of our CWF lapse, but hope to resume with Margaret Skea in January 2022.

The Constitution had been updated and as per regulations appeared as a separate item on the agenda.

With no income from membership fees we have been seeking support from other sources and were pleased to be one of the COOP chosen charities. We are very grateful for their funding which will amount to more than £2,000 overall.

2  Treasurer and Membership Secretary’s Report  

The accounts had been approved by the Committee, and circulated through reps. Balance was £7,756 at 31st March 2021, the close of the last financial year, and currently stood at £7,809. Thanks to those who gave through Amazon Smile, last disbursement was £12, and to the two who supported T&E through the East Lothian Lottery, which raised £78, but will not be continued. 

Membership fees were again waived, and those giving by standing order had been given the chance of a refund on request. There were again 47 members, same as the previous year.

3  Group Reps 

Roy Moller stood down as the Dunbar rep after many years of service and was replaced by Tammy Swift-Adams.

4  Office-bearers

Convener   Neil McGowan agreed to undertake this for one year (Yvonne Dalziel and Jock Stein)

Vice-Convener  Alison Low was appointed (Cynthia Stevens and Diana Stevens)

Treasurer   Diana Stevens agreed to continue to serve (Graham Leake and Neil McGowan)

5  Constitution  

A revised constitution had been agreed by the committee and circulated to members. It had been updated to bring it more in line with the SCVO model constitution, changes being in particular to redefine our relationship to the Libraries, to allow on-line meetings, and to extend voting rights. The new constitution was approved by the AGM, and would be posted on the website.

6 Any Other Business

Thanks were expressed to Jane Patmore for her work as chair during the past two years, and the meeting closed about 7.45pm.

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