Poetry Group


All are welcome, from beginners to experienced poets. Those coming usually bring a poem they have written to share with the group, but people are welcome regardless.

Location: The John Grey Centre, Haddington
Time: From June 2023 – the second Monday of the month at 2.15 pm
Contact: Jock Stein at info@tyneandeskwriters.org.uk

Meeting Dates 2024

January – 8th
February – 12th
March – 11th
April – 8th
May – 13th
June – 10th
July – 8th
August – 12th
September – 9th
October – 14th
November – 11th
December – 9th

Vikki Jarrett, the CWF, will be attending the group on the following dates:
March 11th 2024
April 8th 2024
May 13th 2024

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