The Road to California

download-e1395587477239A collection of short pieces written by Graham Leake (Dalkeith Group) over the past decade. The pieces include a short story, a couple of poems, a sketch, anecdotes and commentaries on social and political issues which express clearly his prejudices. The aim of the writing of most of them was to amuse listeners or readers. He hopes he is successful in that objective.


This collection comes with a CD inside the back cover of Graham reading eleven of the pieces.  Copies of the book will be available at future functions or you can email the author here.


“Graham Leake’s collection of stories, poems and other pieces is a gentle, wry, often amusing take on modern life. It is a pleasure to read.” Alan Reid


ISBN 978-0-9563662-6-9
Price £5.00


Graham is very generously donating all proceeds from sales to the funds of Tyne and Esk Writers.

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