Writer of the Year 2021

Writer of the Year Competition: WOTY 2021 Winners

After another great field of entries we are delighted to announce the winners of WOTY 2021. Many thanks to our judge Russell Jones who has provided brief notes on each winning entry.
You can see the list of winners on the Writer of the Year Page.


1st: (And overall winner): The Maiden and the Hare, Margaret Evans
This was a compact, visceral story full of evocative details which felt real whilst also captivating with dark fairytale-like elements. The story gripped me from start to finish, combining the sensual with the sinister, the extraordinary with the everyday, hope with darkness. It does so much in a small space.

2nd: A Dream About a Snake, Yvonne Dalziel
This story was a masterclass in how to utilize evocative turns of phrase, consistently surprising the reader with remarkable details and characters, and a great sense of humour.

3rd: A Holiday Dip, Graham Leake
A structurally experimental story which forces the reader to consider their own bias, and the bias of perspective in storytelling, making it unique and memorable.


1st: Mind Maps, Jock Stein 
A poem with an abundance of evocative language and imagery, this piece built to a meditation on the values of learning and nescience which invites the reader to reread and re-explore.

2nd Recognition, Mike Davenport 
This emotional piece surprised with its ability to maintain intensity and control, deftly combining personal experience with a philosophic tilt (on the nature of chaos and control) in the face of adversity.


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